Flash Imagination #35 – Fried Banana?

Fried Banana?

Fried Banana?

“My complements to the chef!” John said as he burped and took a swig of beer at the same time.  

The food had been good, very good in fact.  This had surprised John who, having never traveled before, feared that the food eaten by this foreign culture would clash with his fairly conservative food preferences.  But he had been wrong, and had ended up eating every serving presented to him.

With a full stomach and an empty beer, John thanked everyone at the table and started to get up.  Before he could get to his feet, however, the family quickly sat him down again, insisting that he stay for dessert.  

“I’m not really hungry any more, but everything has been so good, I would very much hate to miss dessert,” John said, sitting back down without much restraint.

Dessert was then served: Fried Banana covered in sweet syrup and sprayed with sesame seeds. John savoured every bit of it, though the texture itself felt, oddly enough, like no banana he had ever eaten.  When he was done, he whiped his mouth and thanked everyone again.

“This was an absolutely wonderful experience.  Thank you all very much for letting me share in your meal,” he said, handing the lady of the house some money.  The lady smiled and accepted the money.  John smiled in return, adding:

“That desert was especially tasty; it was unlike any banana I’d ever tasted.”

The lady laughed shyly, then turned to her family and spoke in a foreign language.  The family then laughed out loud while John, uncertain of exactly what was going on, joined in on the laughter.

“What’s so funny?” John asked, a giant grin on his face.

“That not banana,” the lady said in broken English, “that giant fried maggot.  Personal recipe. Very famous.”

John turned green and quickly left the house.  The next day he was on a flight back home, and it would be some time before he ever traveled again.

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