Hot Girls Are Just Like You… except they are hot?

After watching the video below, I’m at a loss for words.

*Warning – what follows is arguably worse than Rebecca Black’s Friday*

There’s this thing I like about the internet, and that is how it serves as a springboard for anyone who is willing to put themselves out their and produce something interesting.  Amazing works have come out of the chaotic mess of ideas that has become the internet, and it is increasingly serving as a refuge for those of us who are trying to escape the drivel that is constantly being force fed to society by main stream media.

Of course, big entertainment have always seen the internet as a threat.  They fight to undermine and control it (the results of which have been things like SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, etc…), all in an attempt to push their mediocre bullpoo above the excellent content that I, and others around the world, have been consuming for many years now.

I speak of the amazing works (blogs, videos, shows, movies, music, etc…) that have come out of the internet.  Admit it, odds are you’ve seen, watched, or listened to some of this content (possibly in between having watched a handful of cat videos).  Though they may not yet be achieving the same sized audiences of cable TV shows, the content one can find on the internet almost often blows away main stream media thanks to its quality and originality.

Of course, there are exceptions, like the video above.  In spite of everything the internet has achieved since its creation, there will always be people out there who think that the bar is set by main stream media, and who, instead of coming up with their own original ideas, will do their best to imitate that which they feel is the best content out there.

To those people I say: I know we can be better than this!  And if you doubt me, then take the following youtube channels as an example of just how excellent internet content can be: The Guild, Source Fed, CGPGrey, VSauce, Minute Physics, Crash Course, Jeremi Jahns, Sci-Show, etc…

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