The Rejection Letter

I received an email today that I would like to share with you:

Dear Writer,

I regret to say that we cannot use the piece you have submitted. There are many potential reasons for this: we are looking for very particular subject matter; we are overstocked right now; we were drunk when we read it. This is not a judgment of you. It does not mean you are a bad writer.

Of course, you probably are a bad writer. You’re probably so bad you can’t finish this sentence: “My mama wears _____.” The vast majority of people who think of themselves as writers are actually bad writers. They just don’t know it. Nonetheless, this one rejection doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bad. But you probably are.

And the odds are that you are immoral and lazy as well. We don’t mean to be harsh. We’re talking about the percentages here.

The Editors

Yes, a rejection letter, the kind of letter that even the thought of receiving creates anxiety in the amateur writer (and the professional writer as well I would imagine).

Luckily, the letter was not sent to me by an actual editor, but rather, by a rejection letter generator, created to help “writers take the pain out of rejection”.

So if you fear rejection letters, increase the thickness of your skin by using this tool.  The letters it generates are quite amusing, and you can access it by going to the link below:

The Rejection Generator Project

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