Flash Imagination #36 – Rainbow Prison

New, State of the Art, Rainbow Prison

The only Rainbow to have ever been successfully incarcerated at the new Rainbow Prison. The rainbow escaped a few minutes after this picture was taken, slowly floating on westward.

Michael Hastner, the man behind the controversial 13km/h speed limit and $100 pedestrian crossing fee, had done it again, and this time, his idea was ingenious (or so he thought).

After having been fired from his road-sign manager position, he’d found himself walking the streets unemployed and depressed.  He spend most of his days sitting on downtown park benches, looking at people as they walked busily between their respective destinations.

Michael quickly began to realize that people were always buzzing around, either on their cellphones, laptops, or tablets.  They rarely spoke to each other, instead focusing on their busy lives and jobs.  

Then, one day, something extraordinary happened: shortly after a thunderstorm, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and the busy workers, who had always been so productive, found themselves taken aback by the natural beauty of the rainbow.

Michael estimated that the loss in productivity due to the rainbow cost the city and state many working-days of productivity, and set out on a mission to convince community leaders that rainbows were bad.  The result of his crusade would be the new State of the Art Rainbow Prison, a large open space in downtown Montreal whose purpose it was to incarcerate rainbows so they could not distract hard working people, and in turn, hurt the city’s GDP.

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