Free Movies on Youtube

YouTube began legally offering free movies a while ago, though the selection at the time was kind of iffy.

Fortunately, one of the movies was the original 1958 The Blob, a personal favorite, so it wasn’t a complete loss :) (though it’s since been removed, and the only thing that can cheer me up is its opening credits).

Beware of the blob
It creeps and  leaps
And flies and slides
Across the floor…

As the service becomes more mature, it’s obviously going to put pressure on existing video rental services out there like Netflix, PSN, XBox Live, and Crackle.  It was therefore no surprise to me last week to see that YouTube and Google Play will be receiving 600 new MGM titles.

Here’s to hoping that additional content becomes available as studios out there begin to truly embrace on demand streaming services. Also, let’s just hope that, as the services become more popular, they don’t deteriorate to the point where they are ridiculously expensive (I’m looking at you PSN) and full of annoying adds (ehem, Crackle and Hulu).

We don’t need the internet to become the next Cable TV.

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