A Post A Day – Result

I started the month of April with a fairly ambitious goal: post at least once a day for the entire month.

The exercise, which I qualify as a success on many levels, resulted in the most post-active month on the site ever (January 2009 was the previous record holder with 15 posts).  The site activity also saw other great changes:

We got more people to visit, woo!

We got more people to visit, woo!

So what’s next?

Well, I’ll try to keep up with a post a day, but only if it allows me to keep up post quality.  I’ll strive to share interesting and fun things I find on the web, to post Equanimity updates on a more regular basis.  I’ll also look at how to better engage visitors, what with the last comment on the site being 5 months old. Finally, I hope to take a look at different other mediums available to me for posting (i.e. audio, video), something I’ve always wanted to do.

So, the next couple of months should be quite interesting.  I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

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