Vlogbrothers & Nerdfighters

I’ve become a fan of the Vlogbrothers over the past couple of months, though I don’t fancy myself a Nerdfighter… yet!

If you’ve no idea who the Vlogbrothers are, here’s a quick history.  Starting in 2007, Hank and John Green agreed to forgo textual communication for youtube videos.  They’ve since been posting videos (as of today they are at 960 videos), have created a community (known as Nerdfighters), and have spun off many new interesting initiatives all over the internet.

You can find their Youtube channel here.  Or take a moment and watch one of their latest videos where Hank reviews the location for this year’s VidCon (one of those many initiatives the brothers are responsible for).

Watching their videos has given me an idea of my own, which I hope to put into practice fairly soon.  I can only hope to be as entertaining as they have been over the years.

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