The People VS Joshua Pent – Rehabilitation

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The doors swung open as Helen rushed into the rehabilitation centre. She stood for a moment, looked around the welcoming area and, having spotted the reception, darted for it.

“I’m here to see Dr. Lubb,” she said to the young woman at the counter.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Yes.  The appointment was scheduled for 2pm, I’m a little late.  My name is Helen Kramer.”

“And I’m Steven Lee,” Steven said as he walked up to the desk. He smiled at Helen, and she returned his smile with a stare.

Steven fought the urge to look away, quickly asking: “Where have you been?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Helen replied, holding the stare. “You never showed up for the interview with Mrs. Pent.”

Steven took a deep breath and kept quiet.  He assumed Helen suspected him of something, but didn’t know exactly what, and he wasn’t going to self incriminate himself by blurting out a lie.

“If you’ll just follow me, Dr. Lubb will see you now,” the receptionist’s voice cut through the tension between the two.


Dr. Geena Lubb was the kind of woman one expected to see waiting a family restaurant somewhere in America’s southwest.  She was short and large, sported a wide smile, and spoke loudly, as though trying to be heard over a crowd of rowdy customers.  She looked out of place, even with her large white gown and badge.

“Joshua was one of those patients you wish would never leave,” she explained.  ”Poor guy, he lost everything you know?”

“It couldn’t have been that bad,” Steven said.  Dr. Lubb and Helen both stared at him and he immediately looked down at the floor, regretting his comment.

“All of the information can be found in Joshua’s records.  Here are copies of some of the documents as you’ve requested,” the doctor continued, handing over a file of documents to Helen, who took the documents.

“Much appreciated,” Helen said, then added, “we’d also be curious as to your professional opinion of Joshua when he was released.”

“How do you mean?”

“In your professional opinion, was Joshua ready to be released on his own?” Helen asked.

Dr. Lubb took a deep breath.

“No, not on his own,” she said, “but Joshua was never released from here to be on his own. He had what we call a sponsor, a person who would take him into their care and look over him while he got used to the world outside these walls.”

“Who sponsored him?” Steven asked.  This time, Steven’s question was greeted with a smile.

“Joshua’s case was particular,” Dr. Lubb answered, “the responsibility would have typically fallen to his parents, but Mrs. Pent felt she couldn’t handle the responsibility all to herself.  It was therefore decided that Mr. Patten would become the primary sponsor, with Mrs. Pent and Father Rosemont as secondaries.”

“Who are Mr. Patten and Father Rosemont?” Helen asked.

“John Patten is Aimée Patten’s father,” Dr. Lubb explained.  ”Father Rosemont is a priest who comes by here every now and then and helps some of our most troubled patients.”

“So you’re saying that Joshua’s deceased girlfriend’s father took care of him after he left this facility?” Steven reiterated.

“Yes,” Dr. Lubb confirmed, “such a selfless man he was.  After loosing his daughter to that horrible crash, Mr. Patten spent almost as much time here visiting Joshua as Mrs. Pent.  There was no doubt in my mind, he loved Joshua as though he was his own son, and stepped in when needed to help him get back to his feet.”

Helen looked at Dr. Lubb with a frown, and asked: “We’ve heard differently from a friend of the family.”

“We did?” Steven asked.

Helen pointed her frown at her partner who sunk back into his chair.

“Did Mr. Patten not have a little bit of a temper issue?” she continued.

“Well, it’s true that he had some issues at first,” Dr. Lubb admitted, “but after a while he came to understand the pain Joshua had been through, and, as I said, was treating him like his own son by the time Joshua left us.”

Helen scratched notes onto her notepad.

“Can you tell us how we can reach both of these men?” Steven asked.

“Their information should be in the file,” Dr. Lubb answered, “John Patten lives somewhere downtown I believe, and so does Father Rosemont.  I would introduce you to him myself, but I haven’t seen Father Rosemont around here for a couple of weeks now.  He’s so busy all the time, I assume he’s probably on much needed vacation.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of reading ahead of us,” Helen said, putting her notepad back into her briefcase.  ”Is there anything else you would like to share with us?”

“Everything you should need is in there, and you can give me a call if you need any more information,” Dr. Lubb said, pointing at the file, adding: “there is one more thing, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course,” Helen said.

Dr. Lubb walked out for a moment and came back into the room with a cardboard box that she set on the desk. Within the box were a number of items: old shirts, a deck of cards, some chewing gum, a cd-player and a handful of CDs. Helen and Steven looked at the box curiously.

“No one ever came in here and asked for these items?” Helen asked.

“Nope, they’ve been here since Joshua left us,” Dr. Lubb answered, “just waiting for him to come and pick them up.  I assume he’ll be happy to see these, considering the situation he’s in at the moment.”

“Thanks,” Helen said, “we’ll be sure to bring the box to him.”

The trio got up and shook hands.  Helen and Steven walked out of the centre and towards Helen’s car.  No words were shared between the two.


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