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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Communication is always two-way, there is a source and a destination. I see reading and writing in the same light, as though they were two sides of the same coin. A person who only writes is akin to someone who talks but doesn’t listen, and a person who only listens is, as would be expected, the opposite.

To communicate in the written medium, one must practice the skill of using the medium on both sides of the coin. As such, I began to focus on my reading to help me understand and fine tune my writing. It was while I researched stats about reading that I learned that the average person reads no more than 100 books in their lifetime.

If you asked me then, I would have told you that that number is absolutely ridiculous, but then I began counting the number of books I have read over the years.  I was quite ashamed to find that I too had not read more than 100 books. In fact, I was around 50 books at the time, and was quite disappointed in myself.

I moped around for a bit, and then shook the feeling off. I gave myself a goal of reaching 100 books in a few years, and am now at just over 70 80 books (as of August 2012)! I should reach 100 within the next year or two, and use this page, as well the awesome site, to track my progress.